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Elliott appears in a commercial for UMKC as a Zookeeper
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Elliott appears in a commecial for RSTN as a Chef
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News Clips...

The KC star photographs Elliott while volunteering at a homes shelter medical unit prior to his comedy relief proformace.

"The show was opened by Elliott Threatt, whose upbeat style contrasted with Dennis Millers cool..."
Kansas City Star

"Threatt's better jokes involved physical humor that you really had to see in person......"
Miami Herald

"Threatt eases quickly from joke to joke moving around on stage a lot, interacting with the audience and letting his voice vary from whiny to shouts...
" The Arizona Republic

" Elliott taping his show on Talk radio 1510 KCTE in Kansas City."

Elliott's radio show won the "National Communicator Award" For his Tribute show for the late Rodney Dangerfield

Elliott interviews old friend Dennis Miller for a local TV station

Elliott Threatt has been playing the comedy game for more than 20 years. Elliott first released CD, "Biscuits Made From Scratch and Other Funny Stuff," was nominated for a Grammy . "Biscuits" is available at area Barnes and Nobles or just click HERE to order it.

Nominated for Best Spoken Comedy Album in the

Other nominees: Robin Willams,
Dennis Miller, Greoge Carlin , Jimmy Fallon

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