Elliott Threatt business man of the year award!

Business / Community...

James I Threatt Ave - A Street named after Eliiott's Father

Elliott hosts and Emcee's "Innovation Nation"
(a public service production from Time Warner)

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Buck O'Neil Legacy Seat
Buck O'Neil had an enormous impact on the world of baseball and the lives of the everyday people he touched. Buck spent many days and nights supporting the Royals from the same seat behind home plate at Kauffman Stadium, both as a scout and a fan. To honor Buck, the Buck O'Neil Legacy Seat fills "Buck's Seat" for a member of the community who, on a large or small scale, embodies an aspect of Buck's spirit.

Elliott Threatt Buck O'Neil Legacy Seat Honoree - View video here

Stand-up comic gets serious as new member of Grandview school board

He may be a well-known stand-up comic. But Elliott Threatt is completely serious about the new role he accepted this week. Threatt hopes he can provide the Grandview Board of Education with more than - more...

Elliot was named small business man of the year by the Kansas City Business Journal

Elliott Threatt Accepts "Citizen of the Year" award from Mayor of Kansas City. Left to right: Paul Shockey, Elliott Threatt, Mayor Emanual Cleaver, James I.Threatt (Elliott's father)

Elliott receives appreciation award from Kansas City Boys and Girls choir.

Elliott Threatt and his sister and niece as his company receives recognition for making a major donation in the opening of the Doris Threatt Memorial reading room in the downtown Kansas City Library

Elliott's face ready to take a beating at the Hockey game!

Elliott was awarded four Resolutions for his community work and involvement from the Missouri House of Representatives.

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School association letter

State Of MO Greenbeans

The KC star photographs Elliott while volunteering at a homeless shelter medical unit prior to his
comedy relief proformace.

"The show was opened by Elliott Threatt, whose upbeat style contrasted with Dennis Millers cool..."
Kansas City Star

"Threatt's better jokes involved physical humor that you really had to see in person......"
Miami Herald

"Threatt eases quickly from joke to joke moving around on stage a lot, interacting with the audience and letting his voice vary from whiny to shouts...
" The Arizona Republic

Elliott's Business Interests...
Green Beans Coffee
Elliott is a business partner of the El Paso Comic Strip Comedy Club.

A business partner of Elliot,The Paradies Shops operates over 400 stores in over 60 airports and hotels across the United States and Canada, serving more than a half-billion passengers each year.


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