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Clubs Elliott Currently Headlines...

The Improv, Kansas City, MO
The Funnybone, Des Moines, IA
Comic Strip, El Paso, TX
Looney Bin, Oklahoma City, OK
Loony Bin, Little rock, AK

Joker's, Omaha, NE.
Fnnybone, Davenport, IA
Loony Bin, Kansas City, MO
Laff's, Tucson, AZ
Laff"s, Albuquerque, NM
Charlie Goodnights, Raleigh, NC
Stanford's, Kansas City, MO
Pepperrioni, Sioux City, Iowa
The Funnybone, Bloomington, IL
The Ice House, Pasadena, CA

Clubs Headlined...

Loones, Colorado Springs, CO
The Comic Strip, EL Paso, TX
Stanfords, Kansas City, Mo
Stanfords, Little Rock, AR
Stanfords, Wichita, Ks
The Last Laugh, Phoenix, AZ
The Last Laugh, San Jose, CA
The Last Laugh, Seattle, WA
Knuckleheads, Phoenix, AZ
Knuckleheads, Minneapolis, MI
Knuckelheads, San Jose, CA
Knuckelheads, Sacramento, CA
Comedy Zone, Memphis, TN
Comedy Zone, Orlando, FL
Spellbinders, Houston, TX
Charlie Goodnights, Raleigh, NC
Punchline, Charleston, SC
Punchline, Columbia, SC
Laff's, Albuquerque, NM
Laff's Oklahoma City, OK
Laff's, Tucson, AZ
Jokers, Oklahoma City, OK
Comedy Club, Madison, WI
Richmond Comedy Club, Richmond, VA
Funnybone, Davenport, IA
Jokers, Omaha, NE

Corporate Performances...

Station Casino
3M Corporation
UMB Bank
Mercantile Bank
Arther Anderson Accounting Firm
General Nutrition Inc.
Harley Davidson

Southwestern Bell
Gateway 2000
AMC Theaters
King Louie International
City of Kansas City
Yellow Freight
Payless Cashways


Wayne State
University of Kansas
University of Southern California
University of Missouri at Rolla
University of California, LA
University of San Diego
Northwest Missouri State
University of New Mexico
Loyola Marymount
Southeast Missouri State
University of Missouri, St. Louis
University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
Central Missouri State
Culiver Stockton College
Lakeland College
Longview Community College
Kansas State University
Mississippi State University
Deaconess College of Nursing
California State Northridge
California State Riverside
Ball State University
Peru State College
Southern Illinois University
Eastern Illinois University
Columbus College
Texas Womens University
Southwest Oklahoma State
Indiana State
Drake University
Cleveland Chiropractic College
University of Northern Colorado
Ohio State
Southwestern Illinois College
Southern Arkansas University
University of the Ozarks
Hendrix College
Lindenwood University
Mount Saint Mary's


Norwegian Cruise Lines
Celebrity Cruise Lines
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
Showtime Comedy Club Network
A&E Comedy on the Road
Black Entertainment Television
HBO Comic Relief-Kansas City
NBC Days Of Our Lives
Hosted 80 episodes of
Comedy Corner National Public Radio.
8 Appearances on Bob & Tom show (syndicated)


Showtime Funniest Person in America Contest
HBO US Comedy Arts Open
Meriet Comedy Open
Best Comic Award for Celebrity Cruise Lines

Elliott Threatt has been playing the comedy game for more than 20 years. Elliott first released CD, "Biscuits Made From Scratch and Other Funny Stuff," was nominated for a Grammy . "Biscuits" is available at area Barnes and Nobles or just click HERE to order it.

Nominated for Best Spoken Comedy Album in the

Other nominees: Robin Willams,
Dennis Miller, Greoge Carlin , Jimmy Fallon

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