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Eliott's Photo Album...

James I Threatt Ave - A Street named after Eliiott's Father

I remember a night Dennis Miller and I were cruising in his VW Beetle. It broke down and we had to call Jay Leno to pick us up. He showed on his motorcycle.

"Shaping up with R. Lee Ermey", drill Sergeant from Full metal jacket and toy story


"On tour with Damon Wayons"
By his work ethic you would never know this guy has already starred in 10 movies. He is still one of the best stand-ups out there.

"Sinbad, Sinbad, Sinbad.
We started out together. I can remember dropping him off at the hospital when his first daughter was born. This was after we had done a gig in San Diego."


Me trying to explain to Paul Rodguez why I am so funny


Elliott hanging with the star of "Drum line" and Tom Joiners show co host J Anthony Brown


After an interview Elliott manages to keep his hands to himself with Anna Kournikova
Elliott with Mrs USA " She wanted me to try on the dress but the sash was the only thing that fit"


Backstage hanging with Brett Butler
Elliott and Stand-Up for Cerebral Palsy Producer Aaron Gnirk with Gary "What you talkin bout'" Coleman


A picture of a young Elliott performing his act that inspired the painting to the right
A painting of Elliott by Renowned Artist Aaron Anderson
Sold for $1100.00

My good friend T.Sean Shannon writer for Saturday night Live and former Weekend Update anchor Colin Quinn at the Kansas Film Festival.

Elliott and his wife Kathryn hanging with Country Music Legend Charlie Pride during his last Kansas City visit

Elliott and HBO comic Jim Jefferies back stage and Stanfords Comedy Club.

Elliott Threatt and Tom Green on the Bob and Tom Show.

Elliott and Charlie Murphy

A few other great artists I have had the opportunity to work with are:

Rosie O'Donnel
Robin Williams
Ellen Degenerus
Carrot Top
Jerry Sienfeld
Steve Harvey
Jeff Foxworthy
Joe Cocker
Louie Anderson
Bill Mahr
Richard Jenni
Eddie Griffin
Bill Hicks
Patti LaBelle
George Jones
Sam Kinison

Elliott Threatt has been playing the comedy game for more than 20 years. Elliott first released CD, "Biscuits Made From Scratch and Other Funny Stuff," was nominated for a Grammy . "Biscuits" is available at area Barnes and Nobles or just click HERE to order it.

Nominated for Best Spoken Comedy Album in the

Other nominees: Robin Willams,
Dennis Miller, Greoge Carlin , Jimmy Fallon

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